Labia Reduction Surgery (Labiaplasty)

We perform labial reduction surgery for women with enlarged, or asymmetrical labia minora using the highly precise and minimally traumatic Ellman Surgitron device. This device is a magnitude less destructive than any laser.

Some women feel uncomfortable with their enlarged labia minora (lips), which can lead to discomfort with wearing certain clothing, exercising, or having sex. The enlarged labia minora can have an abnormal appearance that can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

We have developed and refined a special reconstructive plastic surgical technique for labia reduction surgery to reduce uneven or large labia minora to a more comfortable, and more appealing size and shape. The use of the Ellman Surgitron has dramatically decreased the scarring from surgery as compared to using lasers, knives, or traditional cautery. We customize the labial reconstruction procedure to the individual needs and expectations of the patient. In most cases, the labia reduction surgery is virtually undetectable after complete healing, andn patients have been extremely pleased with our results.

The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia (awake). Patients may choose conscious sedation to help them feel more relaxed and comfortable. General anesthesia is an option for some patients. The procedure is outpatient.